Alexander J. Harker
Alexander J. Harker
Fractures (2011)
fixed media (based on recordings of electric guitar)
Fluence (2010)
clarinet and MaxMSP (for Jonathan Sage)
commissioned by Ergodos with funds from the Irish Arts Council
Windows (2008)
alto sax, trombone, electric guitar, electric bass and drums (for Elastic Axis)
Swarms II (2008)
solo trumpet and 15 laptops (for Matthew Postle)
Swarms (2007)
solo trumpet and 50 laptops (for Matthew Postle)
The Kinetics of Resonance (2007)
solo drum kit (for Dimitris Tasoudis)
Contours (2007)
3 dancers, clarinet, percussion, electric guitar + MaxMSP (with choreographer Bryony Smith)
Coalesce (2006)
3 dancers + MaxMSP (with choreographer Bryony Smith)
Orbits (2006)
solo piano + MaxMSP (for Melissa Morris)
Torque (2006)
electric vIolin + MaxMSP
Ad Lucem (2006)
fixed media (based on handbell source recordings)
Another Side of Vic Hoyland (2006)
fixed media + ensemble (fl, cl, hn, tp, tbn, 2 perc, cel, 2 vn, va, vc) (for Vic Hoyland's 60th birthday)
Dream of the Rood (2004)
fl / afl, ob, cl / bs cl, bn / cbn, hn, tp, tbn, 2 perc, pf, harp, 2 vn, va, vc, vb
Fugitive (2004)
fixed media (based on a variety of objects found around the house)
Spirals (2003)
ob, cl, bn, 2 tp, tb, perc, 2 pf, 2 vn, va, vc
Depths of Field (2003)
fixed media (based on vocal phonemes)