Alexander J. Harker
Alexander J. Harker

All software provided freely, subject to the license included.
Feel free to contact me with any comments or questions.

A Set of 80+ Externals for a variety of tasks in MaxMSP.
Mac OSX only (Windows versions to follow).

A brief overview of some areas addressed:
  • efficient buffer playback and storage
  • general purpose scaling for Max and MSP
  • efficient partitioned + non- partitioned convolution
  • enhanced audio multi-threading / dynamic patch loading
  • comprehensive descriptor analysis (realtime + non-realtime)
  • improved wiiremote communication object
  • high quality random number generators for Max and MSP
  • sample accurate voice management and more
  • thread debugging and switching
  • utility objects
  • SIMD versions of 35 basic MSP objects
Tools for working with convolution and impulse responses in MaxMSP.
This set of object addresses various tasks, including:
  • measuring impulse responses
  • spectral display from realtime input / buffers
  • buffer-based convolution
  • deconvolution
  • inversion